8 reasons why our smudge sticks are the best . . .


Australian Grown: On our property at Samford, near Brisbane, where our family have been farming for 150 years.


Well made: Our smudge sticks are made from long stems of white sage rather than small pieces, so they never fall apart.


Long-Lasting: Eartharomas smudge sticks are tightly bundled. This gives the smudge stick a nice slow burn.


Reusable: Because of the unique way we make them, they are easy to stub out, so you can reuse again & again.


Organic: All our herbs are grown using organic practices, without the use of artificial sprays or fertilizers.


Sustainably farmed: White Sage is being depleted in its natural environment due to overharvesting of wild plants.


Unique Combinations: Eartharomas offers a choice of unique herb combinations in our smudge stick range.


Established business: We are have been growing herbs and selling smudge sticks for over 20 years.


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