Welcome to Eartharomas


The best smudge sticks in Australia! Generally, when people buy an Eartharomas smudge stick, they never go back to buying another brand. Here’s why:


Uniquely made: We have a very unique way of hand making our smudge sticks so they are tightly bundled. This gives them a slow burn and makes them much easier to stub out, so you get many uses out of each smudge stick.

Organic: As with all our herbs, our White Sage is grown using organic practices, without the use of artificial sprays or fertilizers.

Sustainably Farmed: Unlike most smudge sticks on the market, our White Sage is sustainably grown. White Sage is being depleted in its natural environment due to the over harvesting of wild plants.   

Australian grown: Grown on our property at Samford, North-west of Brisbane, where our family have been farming for over 140 years.

Slow Dried: All our herbs are air dried. This takes longer than kilns, but achieves a richer product, with minimal loss of aromatic oils.

Tied with Horse Hair: Eartharomas ties each smudge bundle with horse hair as was done in the old way, and also, to avoid the risk caused by using flammable materials such as cotton.

Unique Combinations: Eartharomas offers a range of unique herb combinations in their range of smudge sticks.

Established Business: Eartharomas has been growing herbs and selling smudge sticks for 20 years. We have a very good reputation among our established customers, retailers and practitioners.