About Smudging

Smudging has been used by many cultures across the world to clear away negative energies. It involves the burning of sacred herbs to produce smoke. This smoke is used to cleanse the energy of your home, workplace or even your body.

We have based our smudge sticks on what the Native Americans have used. However, it always intrigues us how many cultures use smoke to clear negative energies. From the ancient Egyptians, right across Europe, the Middle East, Asia & Indigenous Australians. Quite often these cultures had no connection, yet all seemingly discovered the same thing: that smoke from burning certain plants clears negative energies.

Cleansing your environment & yourself can have significant effect on your emotional and mental wellbeing.


How to Use an Eartharomas smudge stick

Light the end of the smudge stick so that it is smouldering. Traditionally the cleansing smoke was fanned by a feather, but you can simply use your hand. If you want to produce more smoke gently blow on the smouldering end.

Positive Intent: Maintain positive thoughts as you smudge. A simple smudging prayer or affirmation you could use is, “I love this space”.

You don’t need a lot of smoke, but you want a little bit of smoke to reach all areas of your home. Walk into the corners of each room. Waft the smoke behind doors, under beds & around other furniture. Pay particular attention to places that don’t normally get much natural light as these areas seem to accumulate negative energies.

If it is yourself (or another person) you are smudging, wash the smoke over the entire body, including the soles of your feet.

Stub out your smudge stick in sand or a heat resistant container.


Ensure you thoroughly extinguish your smudge stick.

Avoid use when pregnant.